Welcome to Redondo Beach Crab House
 Established in 1987, the Redondo Beach Crab House is a shellfish market/eatery located on top of the Pacific Ocean at the Redondo Beach Pier. What started as a traditional self service seafood market/restaurant, (where customers are called by numbers to pick up food and seating is often fought for) we wanted to provide our guests with a little more comfort as well as a dining area that even upscale restaurants would be proud of. (After all, who says a seafood market/restaurant has to look and smell like one!) Today, the restaurant continues to operate as a market/restaurant where you hand pick your shellfish in front, but unlike other market restaurants, we serve your order directly to you in a nicely themed dining area. 

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100 Fishermans Wharf #F, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 310-376-2244 | info@redondobeachcrabhouse.com

Redondo Beach Restaurant

     Our goal is to provide good food and a fun for all dining experience in a clean, casual dining atmosphere for everyone to enjoy while at the beach. We serve seafood the way it was always meant to be served. Simple and naturally delicious! We specialize and are well known for our unique Korean seafood dishes as well as the  traditional steamed crab and lobster on the pier. Steamed crab on the pier usually lead to pounding wooden mallets, a good mess and an atmosphere that can be somewhat chaotic which is why we shy away from using nice dishes here! A provided bib is a must as well!
     The restaurant provides seating for up to 150 guests and our customers can enjoy their meal alongside the ocean as well as enjoy the fresh air that only our coastal beaches can provide. We are the perfect spot for family gatherings as well as just hanging out with friends and private dates. We also accommodate many group events as well. We offer a full range of alcoholic beverages with our Redondo beach seafood for your enjoyment and we are open seven days a week all year long. We look forward to seeing you here as our invited guests.

Shellfish/Market Restaurant, Redondo Pier
Redondo Beach, CA