​At Redondo Beach Crab House, we offer casual, comfortable dining and one of the most spectacular ocean views that the Pier has to offer. Established in 1987,our Redondo beach restaurant features an extensive seafood menu. At our Redondo beach pier restaurant, we offer shellfish so fresh you can pick your own live crab, lobster as well as shrimp from our tanks, have it steamed and served directly to your table.

We invite you to come in and enjoy our live crab, lobster, shrimp, oysters on the half and a variety of fresh Redondo beach seafood. It’s the perfect choice whether you’re a big group or on a date. When you get steamed crab, you always get a bib, a wooden hammer and lots of fun while you eat alongside an ocean view! We also offer a large variety of alcoholic beverages as well as a variety of soft drinks for your enjoyment.

Our best seller is the live steamed to order Dungeness crab, which we consider the pride of the West Coast. You’ll notice the meat itself has an excellent and unique flavor and doesn’t need to be overwhelmed by other ingredients. Served with a side of rich melted butter and Tabasco or even wasabi and cho jang (popular Korean red pepper sauce), we’re sure you’ll find the perfect seasoning to complement our delicious steamed Dungeness crabs.

We are a family of lobster aficionados & believe that a good lobster can be cooked at any time of year. It's a matter of knowing the character of the lobster and our cooking techniques that will bring out the best taste. From lobster sashimi to cooked lobster, we always start with a live lobster picked from our ocean water tanks. 

We pride ourselves in allowing the natural flavors of our entrees to shine, specializing in freshly caught & cooked to order seafood as well as Korean specialty dishes. Come on in and have a taste! (If you’re not sure what to get, let our staff know. We can offer some suggestions!) We look forward to serving you as our guests. Freshness is our main ingredient!

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