Welcome to Redondo Beach Crab House
Serving top quality seafood since 1987 at our Redondo beach restaurant. The Redondo Beach Crab House is a Redondo beach pier restaurant located on top of the Pacific Ocean at the Redondo Beach Pier. Originally planned as another self service seafood market/restaurant, we found that our customers preferred full table service to the hassle of self service and hard to find tables. Today while maintaining a hint of that market, the Redondo Beach Crab House has grown into a renowned Korean seafood restaurant that specializes in fresh live seafood.

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100 Fishermans Wharf #F, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 310-376-2244 | info@redondobeachcrabhouse.com

Redondo Beach Restaurant

We take pride and responsibility in making sure all of our guests get the best quality and service in a friendly atmosphere that’s first class. Our philosophy is simple. Provide a fun for all dining experience serving the freshest seafood at a reasonable price. We offer no gimmicks and we serve seafood the way it was always meant to be served. Simple and naturally delicious! We believe in allowing the star ingredient to shine. We offer seafood that’s so fresh it is actually live in our tanks for our customers to choose from. Not only do we offer seafood that is caught and cooked to order, we also offer a select variety of Korean specialty seafood dishes as well. These dishes are the likes of which you will not find anywhere else. The restaurant provides seating for up to 150 guests and our customers can enjoy their meal alongside the Pacific Ocean as well as enjoy the fresh air that only our coastal beaches can provide. We are the perfect spot for family gatherings as well as just hanging out with friends and private dates. We also accommodate many group events as well. We offer a full range of alcoholic beverages with our Redondo beach seafood for your enjoyment and we are open seven days a week all year long. We look forward to serving you here as our invited guests.

Seafood Restaurant, Redondo Pier
Redondo Beach, CA